The Postnatal Packages

Life with a newborn is both magical and overwhelming. A postnatal doula package can help you get to grips with newborn care, adjust the new dynamic and listen to your concerns. It is important that you find the right doula for you so I offer a no obligation, free consultation, to see if we are the right fit.

What’s Included

  • Time to discuss your birth experience
  • Individualised support focused on wellbeing of you and your baby
  • support with baby care following up to date guidelines
  • Feeding support
  • Help with siblings
  • Accompanying you on outings and appointments
  • Caring for baby while you sleep, shower or get some me time
  • walk the dog or help with light housework
  • signposting for other support and baby groups
  • ultimately empowering you to care for your baby and continue life in a way that works for you
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Our Packages

Our bespoke postnatal doula packages are designed to give you the support where you need it.

Welcome Home


A 3 hour session to go through all your questions and to give you practical tips for a confident start.

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On going support

From £60

Flexible sessions are designed to give you the support you need with your new born baby. I will give you the support you need to be the parent you want to be, in a way that suits you. Having continuous support allows you some valuable ‘you time’ and provides you with practical tips to help you find your feet. So you can feel confident to relax and enjoy your new baby.

  • 3 hours long
  • flexible days and times
    to suit you
  • Priced @ £20 per hour
  • Travel included
    (within 15 miles)
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Choose the Support package that suits you:

5 Session Starter bundle

£240 £300

5, 3 hour sessions for the price of 4.

Additional 3 hour Session


Additional sessions are available to compliment the starter bundle

“The increased support in the the postpartum period provided to the new mother temporarily changes her role from that of a caregiver to that of being one who is cared for. For a very short, tightly circumscribed period (of forty days), the mothers are mothered in order to value and protect their future capacity for mothering .”

Cindy Lee Dennis, expert in the field of mothering transition

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