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Who am I?

Hi, I’m Tamsin, a Bournemouth-based Doula, mum/PA to 3 inspiring girls. I love animals and the great outdoors. Family adventures with my dogs and ponies are my happy place, so living by the sea and the New Forest is literally living the dream for me. I am partial to coffee and cake, being with family and friends, and binge-watching a good box set too. I volunteer for Families and Babies (FAB) as a breastfeeding peer supporter and for Doulas Without Borders, providing vulnerable people with support.

Before becoming a Doula I was a teacher specialising in social, emotional, behavioural, and communication difficulties. I worked with young adults with a range of learning difficulties. This is where I discovered the importance of individualised support and starting from the ground up with safety, self-esteem, self-awareness, and communication skills. From this, true confidence and autonomy can grow. This is something that I bring to all parts of my life as a mother, friend, daughter, wife, auntie, and doula.

“Knowledge, you may get from books but wisdom is trapped within you, release it.”

Ismat Ahmed Shaikh

Am I the Super Doula for you?

Becoming a parent is a rite of passage, it transforms you, and your memories of birth and early parenthood stay with you forever.  This is largely down to how you are made to feel rather than what happens. This journey is an unpredictable one, therefore, it is essential that you, and your baby are put at the centre of the experience so you are empowered, nurtured and supported. For birth partners this monumental journey can be overwhelming; having support gives them confidence and reassurance along the way so they can be the ultimate support for you.
You deserve the continuous and nurturing continuity of care that doulas offer !!


Individualising support is a real passion of mine!! By getting to know you, being present, and listening to your hopes, fears, needs and wants I will provide you with information so you can make empowered choices, as well as being able to provide the practical support you need that aligns with you.

Holistic Care: I believe in protecting the spiritual, energetic, mental, and emotional wellbeing of you and your baby, while also considering the physical aspects. All these elements are interconnected and play a crucial role in your birthing experience.
Knowledge & Wisdom: I am a Microbirth Approved Provider and have training in Birth Biomechanics, Birth Mapping, and Access Bars. This means I bring both cutting-edge knowledge and intuitive wisdom to support your journey.
Supporting Birth Partners: If you have a birth partner, I support them too, ensuring they feel confident and reassured throughout this monumental journey.
Creating Your Space: The space where you give birth and adjust to the new family dynamic has a significant impact on your experience. I get super excited about helping you create a safe, peaceful, and honored place that is just right for you and your baby.

There is no one way, just your way!!

Let’s Connect:
My mission is to help you and your baby thrive—now, during birth, and well into the future. If you live in Bournemouth, christchurch, Poole or the New Forset let me support you in connecting with your inner wisdom and accessing the knowledge you need to carve your own path in birth and parenthood

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Birth Doula

Postnatal Doula

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about doula training and experience

I trained at the BirthBliss Academy and I am currently undergoing the certification process. I am fully insured and DBS checked. You can check my credentials on the Doula Directory, Doula UK, FEDANT, and the Peoples Health Alliance.

other training includes

  • Breastfeeding Peer Supporter
  • Birth Cartographer (birth planning but better)
  • Microbirth Approved Provider
  • Monthly training with leading experts, provided by BirthBliss Academy, incuding water birth, hormones, physiology, support in the postpartum period, trauma informed care

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