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Get Prepared

No matter what type of birth you are planning, having a clear understanding of the process, what your options are, and discussing your feelings about your birth can help you to feel confident when the time comes. Preparing for life with a newborn can often be overlooked during pregnancy and can sometimes feel overwhelming.
I offer short preparation workshops to ensure you are ready for birth and those early days with your newborn baby. These sessions will take place in the comfort of your home on a day and time that works for you.
All packages include travel 15 miles and resources.

Prepare for Birth Workshop

£110 (4 hour workshop)
  • Discuss your hopes and fears
  • Birth Physiology
  • Hormones of birth and how to work with them
  • Birth process
  • Comfort measures
  • Movement during labour
  • Interventions and pain management
  • Ongoing support to complete your personalised birth map document
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Birth Options

£60 (2 hours)

If you are considered ‘high risk’ or planning an abdominal birth (caesarean section) this is for you. We will look at the evidence-based research, discuss your thoughts and feelings and go through your options. This will all be put into a personalised birth map document for you to share with your care provider.

super doula, birth, postnatal, packakge, doula
super doula, birth, postnatal, package, doula

Life with a newborn

£75 (3-hour workshop)
  • Preparing for the birth of your baby
  • What to expect with a newborn,  what is normal behaviour and development
  • Sleep and feeding patterns
  • Soothing methods to calm you baby
  • Baby care e.g. cord care, bathing, carrying, swaddling,
    nappy changing
  • Self-care, you’re are important too!! 
  • Emotional support
  • The role of partners, friends, and family
  • Matrescence

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If you are interested in our birth & newborn preparation workshops, please get in touch.


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