What is a doula and why do you deserve one?

A doula is trained to provide emotional, practical and physical support to pregnant people. We also provide evidence based information which supports confident decision making and preparation for birth and postpartum. Having the support of a doula can build confidence, resilience and social connection so that parents can enjoy a positive experience of this monumental journey. 

The support provided throughout pregnancy and during birth looks different for all parents as we get to know you in order to provide a totally individualised service and work alongside the care provider to ensure you feel safe and nurtured. If there is a birth partner, doulas are there to support them too like a super sidekick and we will work alongside the healthcare professionals.

Dr John Kennell

“If a doula was a drug, it would be unethical not to use it,” 

Clinical benefits

  • Reduced use of synthetic oxytocin
  • Fewer requests for pain relief
  • less likely to need forceps or ventouse
  • Reduced likelihood of caesarean
  • Better Apgar scores for babies*
  • Greater satisfaction with overall birth experience
  • More positive long term memories

Emotional support:

  • Support for partners and siblings
  • Improved postpartum mental health
  • Boosted self-esteem
  • Increased confidence
  • Decreased anxiety.

Physical support:

  • Increased movement
  • Improved relaxation
  • Comfort and reassurance
  • Lactation support
  • pain management

    The experience of becoming a parent is one that you will remember forever, every birthing person deserves the continuous and nurturing continuity of care that doulas offer and there is a doula out there for everybody!!

    Choosing a doula

    It is important that you meet and interview at least three doulas. We are by your side through you most vulnerable and sacred time it is essential that you have a true, trusted connection whith whomever you choose.

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    To support you on your parenting journey, we offer the following packages:

    The birth support package

    • 2, 2hr birth preparation appointments at your home.
    • Personalised birth map.
    • I will be ‘on call’ 24/7 to be at the birth with you – from 10 days before your estimated due date and up to 42 weeks after (can be adjusted or extended if needed).
    • Continuous support throughout labour and birth for you and your partner.
    • Phone, Email, Whatsapp support from booking until 6 weeks postpartum.
    • 1, 2hr postnatal visit to reflect on the birth, answer questions and to see how you are.
    • Additional appointments, extended ‘on call’ period, Reiki and guided meditations can be added if required.
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    Postnatal doula support

    Postnatal doula support varies according to the individual needs of the family and the doula. We support the birthing person to make sure their specific needs are met, this could look like

    • Time to discuss your birth experience
    • Individualised support focused on wellbeing of you and your baby
    • Support with baby care following up to date guidelines
    • Feeding support
    • Help with siblings
    • Accompanying you on outings and appointments
    • Caring for baby while you sleep, shower or get some me time
    • Walk the dog or help with light housework
    • Signposting for other support and baby groups

    Our Goal

    Our ultimate goal is to “work ourselves out of a job” by serving families in their most vulnerable time and leaving them feeling empowered, calm, confident and strong in their new role.

    Get Prepared

    No matter what type of birth you are planning, having a clear understanding of the process, what your options are and discussing your feelings about your birth can help you to feel confident when the time comes. Check out our range of packages designed to support you here

    get in touch

    To find out more and book you free, no obligation, discovery call Email Tamsin at hello@superdoula.co.uk or head to my contact page

    find your Doula

    Visit doula.org.uk , thedouladirectory.com or https://thedoula.club/ to find uk based, trained doulas.

    doulaswithoutborders.com doulas without borders is an voluntary organisation which supports women in vulnerable times and financial hardship during pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. It has a network of voluntary doulas across the UK.

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